Monday, September 6, 2010

Different Roles in DotA Allstar

1.       Always ensure that your heal and buff are given to later game carry so that your carry can do much more damage.
2.       The life of carry worth more than yourself. If both of you left a bit hit point, you have to try to block enemy so that carry has a higher chance of escape.
3.       Actively buy ward and deward so that it makes anti-gank and ganking easier.
4.       You do not need too many good items, your skills are more important. It is always good habit to let the carry get the kill of enemy heroes.
5.       Remember to not to save your damaging skills for the last hit, the less hit point the enemy has you stand a better chance wining the team fight.
6.       Try to get another hero to accompany you when you want to put ward at enemy’s neutral creep area.
7.       Do not stand in front of the team battle, hide behind unless your carry is at low health

1.       Your main job is to farm, get last hit and farm again.
2.       When your teammates have casted disable ability, do not afraid to go up and do some physics damage.
3.       When your teammates put ward, always look at mini-map so that you know when to retreat
4.       Do not auto-hit, ensure at least 90% creep kill when there is no enemy hero at your lane.
5.       Every carry needs something to ensure that he do not get disabled, a black king bar is a good item. Dead/disabled carry cannot do damage.
6.       Do not give the excuse of farming when there is a team fight very soon
7.       Bring a TP whenever you go out of base.

1.       Your main job is to gank, gank and more gank.
2.       Your gank may fail to kill their hero but at least you put pressure on their carry
3.       Vision is your best ally, some juking is good.
4.       Do not steal creep kills from your carry.
5.       Do not throw AOE skills unnecessarily to avoid creep kill steal.
6.       When your support are having hard time putting/buying the wards, help them

1.       Your main job is to tank all the damages and nukes from opponent team.
2.       You are the first one to go in a team fight and last one to retreat.
3.       You fails when you have full hit point after a team battle.
4.       Vanguard is a good item for melee tankers
5.       Do not afraid to die, you die for your victory later on.

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