Thursday, July 29, 2010

Basic Tutorial to play DotA (Part 2 - Choose Hero)

Thank you for visiting Play DotA - A site dedicated to help DotA Allstar beginners.
Today, I will teach you guys how to pick a Hero in DotA Allstar game.

  1. You can see a few taverns within a enclosed area after the DotA Allstar map finishes loading. The current version is DotA Allstar v6.68b.Each tavern, total of 9, contains 12 unique heroes.
  2. Wait for host to enter the game mode. Some common modes are as follows -AP(Allpick) -AR(Allrandom)
  3. Each heroes has its own abilities and stats (strength/agility/intelligence)
  4. I would like to encourge new players to use Intelligence Hero first as they are easier to use and has more targeted spells.
  5. You can now click on one of the Hero icon to choose that Hero(use AP as example). I will cover other game mode in the future tutorial.
  6. After that you will probably see your chosen hero near your fountain.You have successfully chose your Hero. Congrats