Friday, August 27, 2010

DotA Clan Leader Handbook Part 2

1 week back, i wrote something about the DotA clan leader handbook. It is part of personal insights and also what i learnt from other teams or clans. I think this sharing is useful especially for unprofessional DotA teams. Without further ado, i shall start.

Do not play pub game too much. As we know what the standard of pubs are relatively much lower than clan wars. When you get used to the style of playing in pub games, it may take some times to change back to the clan war style. This short period of time may make a big difference in a clan match game. I am saying that we should not play with pubs at all. If it is just for relaxing purpose, one or two match is more than enough I believe.
When the spirit of the team is low, I suggest the leader to get a relatively weaker team to play with. Make sure that you win the game and help your teammate to boost their morale.

Before any proper competitive match, try to understand what is their strength and which heroes are they particularly good at. One thing to take note is the position of wards, unprofessional teams usually stick to those few spots for warding. If you can deward them at the start of the match, you put a lot of pressure to the opponent team.

During the gameplay, do not focus on laning too much, the leader supposed to have a clear mind of what should be done at what time. E.g., remind the support heroes to ward at the 6 mins mark. Ask your carry for his cs at 10 mins mark. These small things do make a difference when you make your decision whether to attack or continue farming.

Understand which period is at your advantage. Depend on your hero picks, your team may be more specialized in big 5v5 team fights, then you should be avoiding small gank fights and try to do some anti-gank instead of forcing your teammate to gank at high risk of failing.

Stay tuned on Play DotA - How to play DotA Allstar for the next part of DotA Clan Leader Handbook (Part 3)